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Michael Hern

Who you work with Matters!!!

Michael Hern and his team have dominated the local NJ Real Estate market since 2010. Their continued growth has been talked about nationally and they have been ranked as one of the best teams in America for production, professionalism, and ethics.  Michael is continuing to lead by example for both his team and other agents in the industry.

Michael grew up in Sussex County in a small town called Hardyston. He was raised by his loving parents Michael and Marlene Hern and was the baby of the family. He has a brother Jason, a sister Stephanie and a dog Cooper. He is a proud Uncle of two twin boys named Vincent and Gabriel.

After high school, Michael attended Montclair State University and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree. He was born and raised in New Jersey and has no plans to leave, this is his home!

One of his favorite things about New Jersey would be the seasons, he loves getting to enjoy Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Aside from being a hard working realtor, he lives a normal, laid back life. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing sports in town leagues, fishing, surfing, snowboarding and enjoying everything the area has to offer.

Michael lives in West New York, NJ in the Port Imperial area. He lives here because he loves everything this area has to offer and it’s right in the heart of where he works. West New York offers access to NYC via Ferry Boat, NJ Transit Bus or even by car using the Lincoln Tunnel or George Washington Bridge. It’s what many people consider the hybrid of city living and suburbia. You have all the conveniences of the city, but more space inside and outside of the home. It is kid friendly, dog-friendly, safe and an overall a great place to reside.

Getting into Real Estate was not by choice, but by chance. Coming out of college Michael was waiting for an opportunity to be hired as a Health & Physical education teacher within Hudson County. He saw his life teaching, coaching and mentoring kids at the high school level in hopes of providing a positive experience for them much like the one he had with his teachers and coaches. With limited opportunity at the time, he was approached by a top producing agent to help with his business and instantly found his calling. From starting as his buyer’s agent, he learned the ropes of the real estate industry and loved everything about it. He continued to hear a saying that excited him more than anything which was “you will get out of this business what you put into this business”. Michael related it to sports and found himself in an atmosphere that he was already familiar with which made him very comfortable. Since the beginning, the positive experiences he has shared with clients continue to keep him going and he is so grateful that he found something he loves to do. Michael has now been in business for 6 years and nothing can slow him down!

Michael brings a level of service to his clients that will exceed their expectations. It’s a service that is built off the principles of being honest, reliable and trusted. Aside from a high level of service, he strives to create lasting relationships with his clients. He loves the feeling he gets when he sees a buyer’s face after walking into a home they love, or a seller when an offer is presented for more money than what they were expecting or the laughs he shares with clients who have turned into lifelong friends. There is nothing better than the personal interaction that he gets to have on a daily basis.

Michael specializes along the NJ Gold Coast which is a stretch of land along the Hudson River on the NJ side that sits across from New York City. It stretches from as far South as Jersey City to as far North as Fort Lee.

If you need help with in this area, he’s your guy!

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